Release Announcements

OpenNMS Horizon 18.0.3

05, Jan Benjamin Reed

OpenNMS 18.0.3 (code name: Dugong) is now available.

This release has been a long time coming, with tons of bug fixes including a fix for a discovery/provisioning regression over Horizon 17.

Notable Changes

  • many improvements and fixes to SNMP graph definitions
  • a number of GUI tweaks and fi...

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OpenNMS Horizon 18.0.2

20, Sep Benjamin Reed

OpenNMS 18.0.2 (code name: Muskrat) is now available.

This is a reasonably small bug-fix release, with a few fixes and enhancements, as well as a fix for a cross-site-scripting vulnerability.

Notable Changes

  • improvements to bridge link discovery in Enlinkd
  • fixed SVG alarm status
  • fixed Re...

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OpenNMS Horizon 18.0.1

21, Jul Benjamin Reed

OpenNMS 18.0.1 (code name: Platypus) is now available.

While it contains a large number of bug fixes and a few enhancements, the most noticeable change is a fix for the distributed and geographical maps. We had been using MapQuest's (wonderful and freely-available) OpenStreetMap-compatible tile...

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OpenNMS Horizon 17.0.0

02, Dec Ronny Trommer

We welcome our new release of OpenNMS Horizon 17 with code name Glen Moray.

Like a good single malt Scotch whiskey it took some time to get the release out – but we think waiting was worth it. The most obvious change is the a more slimmed down web app layout.

We have added a new visual compone...

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