OpenNMS Horizon 19.0.0

OpenNMS Horizon 19.0.0

13, Feb Benjamin Reed

The long-awaited OpenNMS Horizon 19 (code name: Ice Hockey) is here!

It is chock full of bug fixes and new features, most notably full support for OpenNMS's polling and data collection APIs on the Minion.

New in Horizon 19

  • OpenNMS Minion: Minion systems now have full support for most management features of OpenNMS:
    • Discovery
    • Provisioning
    • Polling
    • SNMP data collection
    • SNMP link discovery
    • Syslog reception (sent to OpenNMS via JMS or Apache Kafka)
    • SNMPv1/v2/v3 trap reception (sent to OpenNMS via JMS or Apache Kafka)
  • Automatic provisioning of Minions: Minion devices will be added to the Minions requisition and monitored for connectivity with OpenNMS.
  • GraphML Topology Provider: A new Topology Provider is available that reads GraphML formatted graphs and displays them in the the Topology UI.
  • OpenNMS Elasticsearch ReST Forwarder: This Elasticsearch forwarder can store events, alarms, and alarm state changes in Elasticsearch for archival or searching. It is compatible with all currently supported versions of Elasticsearch.
  • Unified JAAS Authentication: The web UI, the Apache Karaf OSGi console, and the built-in ActiveMQ broker all use unified authentication.
  • Monitoring Location Events: Events will be sent when Monitoring Locations are added, updated, or deleted.
  • Exponential propogation: There is a new exponential propogation function available for Business Services.
  • External JMS broker: It is possible to configure OpenNMS to use an external JMS broker if desired.
  • ICMP traffic class and don't-fragment support: It is possible to configure OpenNMS to set DSCP traffic class and "don't fragment" bits when polling ICMP.
  • Geographical Maps: Geographical maps are now included by default in the center of the Web UI front page.
  • Web UI improvements: Location information has been added to many places in the UI, and a number of pages have been enhanced including the BSM editor and topology UI.

Breaking Changes/Upgrading

There are a few changes that may require updating configuration files. See the upgrade notes for full details on things that may need changes.

More Info

For complete info on what has changed since Horizon 18, see the Release Notes.

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