OpenNMS Horizon 21.0.0 (Deckard) Released

OpenNMS Horizon 21.0.0 (code name: Deckard) is now available.

This release is primarily an under-the-hood update, bringing our embedded Karaf from 2.x to the very latest (4.1.2). It also includes Minion improvements, improvements to event parameter handling internally, and much more.

Note: In this release we finally reformatted all of our configuration files in $OPENNMS_HOME/etc to match the way they get written out if you modify them in OpenNMS. Upgrades will likely be a bit more complicated than usual. It is strongly recommended you back up your etc directory and maybe keep a copy of etc-pristine as well so it is easier to figure out what has changed if you need to re-apply settings.

For more details on what has changed, see the complete change log.

More Info

For complete info on what has changed since Horizon 20, see the release notes.

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