OpenNMS Horizon 20.0.0

08, Jun Benjamin Reed

OpenNMS Horizon 20.0.0 (code name: Leeloo) is now available!

This release is focused more on fixes and tuning of existing subsystems, as well as plenty of code cleanup and updates in the process of bringing Minion monitoring up to the level of the rest of the codebase.

New in OpenNMS Horizon 2


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OpenNMS 19.1.0 (code name: Octopush) is now available.

This release contains a large number of bug fixes and infrastructure updates, as well as a few new features:

  • updated Camel, CXF, Drools, Quartz, SNMP4J, and Spring dependencies
  • Drools now persists working memory on OpenNMS shutdown and l...

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OpenNMS 19.0.1 (code name: Ferret-Legging) is now available.

This release contains a number of small bug fixes focused mostly on upgrade issues from Horizon 18.

For details on what has changed, see the complete change log.

Breaking Changes/Upgrading

There is a configuration change over 1...

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OpenNMS Horizon 19.0.0

13, Feb Benjamin Reed

The long-awaited OpenNMS Horizon 19 (code name: Ice Hockey) is here!

It is chock full of bug fixes and new features, most notably full support for OpenNMS's polling and data collection APIs on the Minion.

New in Horizon 19

  • OpenNMS Minion: Minion systems now have full support for most manage...

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OpenNMS Horizon 18.0.4

09, Feb Benjamin Reed

OpenNMS 18.0.4 (code name: Kiwa Hirsuta) is now available.

This release contains a number of bug fixes and enhancements, including a fix for a deadlock that can be triggered by using the topology UI, and a rather large performance fix for startup if you are using BSM.

Notable Changes

  • many fi...

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OpenNMS Horizon 18.0.3

05, Jan Benjamin Reed

OpenNMS 18.0.3 (code name: Dugong) is now available.

This release has been a long time coming, with tons of bug fixes including a fix for a discovery/provisioning regression over Horizon 17.

Notable Changes

  • many improvements and fixes to SNMP graph definitions
  • a number of GUI tweaks and fi...

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OpenNMS Horizon 18.0.2

20, Sep Benjamin Reed

OpenNMS 18.0.2 (code name: Muskrat) is now available.

This is a reasonably small bug-fix release, with a few fixes and enhancements, as well as a fix for a cross-site-scripting vulnerability.

Notable Changes

  • improvements to bridge link discovery in Enlinkd
  • fixed SVG alarm status
  • fixed Re...

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OpenNMS Horizon 18.0.1

21, Jul Benjamin Reed

OpenNMS 18.0.1 (code name: Platypus) is now available.

While it contains a large number of bug fixes and a few enhancements, the most noticeable change is a fix for the distributed and geographical maps. We had been using MapQuest's (wonderful and freely-available) OpenStreetMap-compatible tile...

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OpenNMS Horizon 17.0.0

02, Dec Ronny Trommer

We welcome our new release of OpenNMS Horizon 17 with code name Glen Moray.

Like a good single malt Scotch whiskey it took some time to get the release out – but we think waiting was worth it. The most obvious change is the a more slimmed down web app layout.

We have added a new visual compone...

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