Reboot & Update Monitor

18, Apr Marcel Fuhrmann

Security updates are important and need to be installed regularly and as quick as possible.

In Linux distributions like Ubuntu and Debian this is easily done with the apt package manager. Most of the security updates can be installed without rebooting your system. If you upgrade your Kernel it is...

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Automated Orderings

05, Apr Marcel Fuhrmann

A self-sufficient printer environment

OpenNMS usually stands for network and server monitoring. But like every good tool you can use (or misuse?!) OpenNMS in other scenarios as well.

If that is a good solution, is completely your choice! :-)

Imagine, you have a big printer environment, distrib...

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Wiki Main Page

05, Aug Marcel Fuhrmann

We heard the call of duty to do something to get the wiki more usable. So we spent some time at the Dev-Jam to create a more structured Wiki entry page.

We broke up the content from the old main page into categories.

Wiki Main Page

Here a few thoughts behind the categories we have identified:



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